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Signal K9 takes pride in delivering quality dual and single purpose dogs that are ready for certification.  Having certified dogs with NNDDA, NPCA and Drug Beat, we are familiar with what is required.  If the dog is not ready, it won't be released, it's just that simple.
Most of our dogs come from proven breeding programs in the Netherlands, Hungary and Romania. We have established relationships with our sources and travel to Europe to train and select dogs. Our dogs are social but still have the proper drives to work and be serious when needed. 
Single Purpose narcotics dog (includes TCOLE reported handler school)
Our single purpose dogs are trained to passive alert on 4 odors and ready to certify.
Aggressive alert dogs are trained by request only.
(Marijuana and other odors on request)
Dual Purpose patrol/narcotics dog (includes TCOLE reported handler school) 
Our dual purpose dogs will be trained to passive alert on 5 odors as well as handler protection, patrol apprehension, vehicle bailout, recall, and building searches.  Our dual purpose dogs have been started on tracking and evidence recovery, and can be completed upon request.
(marijuana and other odors on request) 
Family / personal  protection dog (including person training)
Family/personal protection dogs are available and personalized to individual needs.  We work very closely with the family to make sure the placement matches your lifestyle and fulfills your needs.
Call or e-mail for pricing and availability
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